Selling a car from abroad

January 2nd 2018

Most people find that selling their car is not always a straightforward process.

Not everybody has the time and inclination to get involved in the marketing and sales process – even more so when you’re not in the country. It is important you get in touch with someone you can trust to take care of the process on your behalf, be that person family, a friend or trusted car buying company.

Arranging Viewings may be Difficult

When you’re far away, it can be extremely frustrating to find the best way for possible buyers to view your vehicle in the home country. Often because of the fact that there may be time differences involved – in some cases many hours – you may lose out on the best buyer, simply because he/she could not make an arrangement to view your car and ended up buying another vehicle due to lack of communication. The next issue: Even if you leave your car with a trusted party such as a friend or family member, you can never be absolutely sure that they will be available to show your car at times which may suit the buyers – simply because it may be inconvenient.

You are not there to oversee the process and keep track, on a daily basis, of developments such as taking calls and handling buyers’ enquiries. Even though you trust your family or friends, buyers’ reaction to advertising and possible feedback may not always be recorded by the person acting on your behalf – and you want that, you want to hear what the issues are.

A Matter of Trust

Some prospective buyers may simply ‘switch off’ when they hear the seller is abroad. Buyers want to talk to sellers, also when it comes to conclusion and after-sales issues. As a buyer, once I have taken possession of the car, do I have recourse if the seller lives abroad? The buyer may be hesitant to enter into any negotiations with someone who is not the owner.

Answering a buyer’s questions and addressing his concerns may also become a big issue since you’re not there and your stand-in (family member/friend) may not feel confident enough, or may simply not know, how to overcome these obstacles.

Talking to Dealers
Getting valuations done may also be a problem since you’re not in the country. Do you trust someone else to do that on your behalf; prepare the car to be viewed by dealers; to produce all relevant documentation such as V5C, MOT certificates (where applicable) on demand; to enter into negotiations on your behalf? With every good intention in the world, there is no guarantee that unforeseen circumstances won’t sour a deal, or worse, a friendship. It is almost always better to entrust this process to someone who can take distance from the issue and be totally objective, someone such as a trusted car dealer


Most online car buyers are unwilling to go to the trouble of collecting a car they know little about. However, at The Car Buying Group that is one of the services we offer. We will meet with the owner or his representative, complete all paperwork and drive the car away. Money is transferred into the owner’s bank account immediately.

Minimising Stress

At The Car Buying Group, we understand the frustrations sellers have to deal with when they’re not in the UK. We are in the business of buying cars from people who do not have the time or are handicapped by circumstances such as being overseas, we take the hassle out of the selling process and we promise a fast and secure service. We understand our industry and will offer you the best reasonable price for your vehicle. We stay in touch with our customers and provide regular feedback and keep you informed every step of the way. Get in touch with us for great, professional and fast service.

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