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If you are looking to sell your; Mini Cooper or Mini One, you are in the right place. At The Car Buying Group, we are big fans of the iconic Mini and would be delighted to purchase your car whether it's a brand new Mini with 100 miles on the clock, or a 1959 Mini which has been around the clock once or twice!

To get started, you just need to enter your reg, provide a few basic pieces of information and then we will provide an instant Mini valuation. You can be sure that we will give your Mini a fair, highly competitive valuation.

Does your Mini Cabriolet have a damaged roof? No problem, just be sure to let us know about any imperfections after you've entered your reg and we'll take that into conisderation when we provide your valuation.

So long as all of the information you provide to us is correct and without omission, we'll promise to pay the price we quote for your Mini.

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